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02 Branding

Our brand strategy process makes your brand come alive by positioning your brand where your audience sees you as a strong and successful brand in the digital age.

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Your Brand Is Your Most Valuable Company Asset

Strong brands embody a clear personality. They position themselves in a distinctive niche and lead their followers. Brand design is a key force for sustainable long-term success.

That is why your brand is your most valuable company asset. Yes, your people and customers are important too, but it is the brand that inspires people to work for you and convinces customers to trust your product or service.

How you position your brand is determined by who you serve with your product or service. You will notice that successful companies do not talk about their brand, they talk about their people and their customers and how they server them.

In a way, your brand is how your people and your customers perceive you and how they feel about your business when they think about interacting with your company.

Brand strategy is an integral part of our overall web design process. However, we offer this service as a stand alone package for you. You probably have so much going on in your business that it's hard for you to shift focus away from the day to day fires. That is why our customers see value in bringing in an outside perspective for your brand strategy to support your in-house designers, for example.

Our Expertise

Our Branding Services & Focus

Brand Strategy

  • Strategy workshops
  • Personas and journey maps
  • Product naming
  • corporate design
  • logo design
  • Digital Branding
  • Brand Design
  • design systems
  • Typography, color world, visual language
  • brand communication
  • Brand Guidelines & Style Guides
Our Process

Overview Of Our Process


Brand Research

Our work begins with a discovery session and then a brand strategy workshop or a series of workshops to identify your company’s values, explore the needs of your target customers and collaboratively develop a clear positioning to clearly focus your brand on your niche.

Before, during and after the sessions and workshops we do research on your target customers and also visually analyse your industry and your design environment. This helps us put your brand into context and better position you.


Brand Discovery and Brand Workshops

At its core, brand strategy is a set of frameworks that guide the creative thought process to develop concepts that we then translate into real brand touch points, the most important one being your website.

Our Customer First Customer Centric framework follows a 6 step process:

  1. Persona Profiles
  2. Customer Journey Map
  3. Define your Brand through the eyes of your customer
  4. Define your Brand through your purpose, mission, and long term vision
  5. Brand Attributes and Personification: Look & Feel, Voice & Tone, Beliefs & Values, Benefits & Features
  6. Stylescapes
  7. Brand Strategy Book & Brand Guideline for your website


Brand Design

As a result of our strategic work, we put together a Brand Strategy Book and a Brand Guideline for your website. We prioritise an action plan of the brand touch points you want to work on in the future. From your social media posts to your website, we make sure you have a consistent brand experience.

And since we have established a good understanding of your brand strategy from our workshop, and now have a Brand Style Guide, we are ready to start working on concepts for your new website.


Brand Experience

Your customers have the best brand experience when your core values are in harmony with how your customers feel about your brand. Your specific brand values ​​and your entrepreneurial vision are your strategic compass for all external and internal brand communication.

The design concepts and digital assets we develop for you work seamlessly across platforms. We make all design guidelines available to you via a convenient online brand portal or a free shared drive.

Your social media posts, videos, trade fair appearances, annual reports, print productions or give-aways nurture your customers’ brand experience across all media at every brand touch point. We make sure your website aligns with this brand experience and builds the core or your brand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a first strategy session look like?


A: We connect, walk through the agenda, discuss your motivation for your current project and how urgent it is, what dead lines we have to meet. We then talk about your current situation and the status quo, and how you are currently managing. Next we discuss what solution you are dreaming about, what's stopping you from getting there, and how committed your are right now to starting this new project. After that, if you allow us to share briefly how we think we can help, we will walk you through the process, and share the value we think we can deliver based on your budget.

Q: How can I apply for an internship with MorgenStreet?


A: Since 3 to 4 months time is the typical project length it takes for us to go together through the entire web development process from concept to finished design, we offer 3 to 4 month internships. We only offer 4 spots per year. To apply send us an email or submit a contact request via our website. Someone will get in touch with you for more details.

Q: What type of clients work with you?


A: I love working with the most passionate business owners who are obsessed with changing the way companies work, and enabling the individuals they work with to become the best versions of themselves. Change takes time and a lot of work, which is why I help you build a sustainable long-term growth solution and favor long-term commitments.

Q: What type of products and services does a typical client sell?


A: MorgenStreet mainly builds websites for customers that sell services that require a high level of human interaction to sell. This can be (but not limited to) online courses, training, seminars, consultation, coaching, software solutions, or professional services.

Q: What's one of the biggest problems you see when business owners start working with you?


A: Business owners usually struggle with finding ways to sell their product or service!? MorgenStreet helps business owners create offers on their websites that their clients want and need.

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